“Blue Ringed Octopus” Hand Painted Original


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This Blue Ringed Octopus was part of an art challenge I created for myself to push my art past what I knew how to do. I wanted to try out different sea creatures and ocean life and really embrace the diversity under the sea. When I'm painting I really try to think about and embrace my model. In this case, the blue ringed octopus. Did you know? The blue ringed octopus is actually pretty small? Growing to be about the size of a golf ball. That makes this cute little 8×10 inch painting a perfect representation. How cute! They also have two different types of venom and are deadly enough to kill 26 adults. Wow! So there is a bit of mystery there too. This is the perfect home decor to spark a conversation and give your guests something fun to talk about!

  • This 8×10 inch acrylic painting is the original artwork.
  • Perfect for the office, dorm room, small spaces, apartments and more.
  • Can be placed on a display for shelves, desks, counters and more.
  • 8×10 inch stretched canvas
  • acrylic paint

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