About The Artist


Hi There,

I'm Leah

A Corpus Christi native with a passion for art, oceans, and sea life. I strive to use my art as a platform to raise awareness for the amazing creatures who call our oceans home. I spend my days painting murals on Padre Island and around the coastal bend, specializing in painting sea turtles anywhere I can. I find inspiration in the abundance of wildlife, and natural beauty near the coast. The sounds of the crashing waves and the feeling of the salty air calms me, I want to do everything I can to capture those feelings in my artwork.

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"Save seas with me" is no accident.

By portraying the beauty of our oceans, I hope to raise awareness and encourage people to be a part of preserving what we have before it's too late. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of my work go to fund organizations that preserve our oceans, coasts, and wildlife. Along with ocean conservation, my artwork can also be found raising money in local silent auctions for things like toys for tots, and school scholarships. When you make a purchase with me, you Save Seas too!

Check out the paintings above that have raised over one thousand dollars towards these charitable organizations!

About the Shop

"The Desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the soul." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I created the Save Seas With Me shop as a way to keep a piece of everything I create. I paint with a passion for my subject and I pour my heart into what I do. I spend hours upon hours on a painting, and when it sells in minutes, I am overwhelmed with happiness that my art is loved and appreciated, but I also find myself missing what feels like a part of who I am. I get so attached and fall in love with what I've made, that its been hard sometimes to part with. I choose to Hand make everything in my entire shop, It wasn't necessary, I could've uploaded my designs and ordered everything pre-made, but I didn't want to loose the special touch I put into everything I do. I wanted a product that comes directly from my heart in every way, something you can say was truly made by Leah. I am an artist, but also a maker, creator and someone that always seems to dive straight into whatever I can dream up without any hesitation. I've created life long friendships in my clients, and I hope to continue that, and connect with many more amazing people along this journey.

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